Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thom Sings for You

by Thom Yorke

Small, subtle and personal, The Eraser is Thom Yorke’s solo recording. With electronic elements and Yorke’s voice it’s an interesting contrast to Radiohead, and a chance to see which elements Yorke brings to the band. The obvious part is his voice and what’s neat about The Eraser is that his voice is much more present than on some of the recent Radiohead projects. Glitchy and introspective, it’s a neat album that grows on you. I bought the CD version which is a beautifully-constructed fold-out cardboard case with artwork by Stanley Donwood called London Views. A bit downbeat, but not really depressing. The CD is like a collection of beautiful things created by someone who slips into their workshop and crafts them by hand with love.

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