Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pirates in Search of a Plot

by Gore Verbinski

It’s fun to watch Johnny Depp as a pirate and he’s always interesting to watch, but with a weaker plot than the first film, Dead Man’s Chest is more about the characters than the plot. With some great and funny action sequences, it’s a fun summer movie, but the writing is a bit sloppy with the film setting up the sequel instead of providing any sort of narrative closure. But I enjoyed it overall and especially liked the chemistry between Depp and Keira Knightly. Bill Nighy is concealed under makeup and cgi, but he still shines through and brings his usual memorable touches to the character of Davy Jones. Stellan Sarsgaard plays Orlando Bloom’s father with his haunted eyes standing out under the makeup. Naomie Harris is over the top as a Jamaican medicine woman who ties loose threads of the plot together, but she has fun with it and manages to say the name of the sequel in the film with a straight face. A fun Summer movie that is an enjoyable (but slightly lazy) connection between the first and third movies.

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