Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Big Retro Sound (rated 4 stars)

by El Perro del Mar

I heard the song “God Knows” by El Perro del Mar and was intrigued. It sounded like something from the Phil Spector wall of sound days. Then I found out that El Perro del Mar consists of Sarah Assbring (from Gothenburg, Sweden) playing the instruments, writing the music and lyrics as well as singing. With a sound like a huge band, but with an almost child-like voice, it’s intriguing and catchy. Oddly enough it’s the second artist that I’ve found recently from Gothenburg.

Happy Electronic Songs with Beautiful Voices

by Au Revoir Simone

You make me want to measure stars in the backyard with a calculator and a ruler, baby.

With three women with beautiful voices and three keyboards, The Bird of Music by Au Revoir Simone is a great album that I’m enjoying a lot. With harmonies and complex arrangements it’s music with lyrics that aren’t always happy, but the music and voices always cheer me up.