Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Competent Mission

by J.J. Abrams

There isn’t anything really wrong with Mission: Impossible III, but there isn’t anything really bold or surprising either. There are a few action sequences that are great, but I never really cared that much about the characters and it all seemed very calculated. I loved Mission: Impossible II and John Woo basically combined a series of action sequences with a connective tissue that strengthened the relationships built tension between the characters. Tom Cruise is perfect as Ethan Hunt – too perfect. He looks great and moves great and nothing is ever wrong. I couldn’t help but think of 24, which manages to be a bit more exciting covering similar territory, but always keeping the focus on the characters. While the first Mission: Impossible played with the characters and relationships and the second one was structured around the action, the third one carefully balances everything in a nice safe package that I don’t regret opening, but it’s something that I wouldn’t really watch again, unlike the first two in the series.

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