Sunday, January 01, 2006

Slight Moleskine Obsession


I can safely cross this off my list now. I’m taking all of my notes in my Moleskine(s) and my collection has grown. While I first only had one pocket Moleskine and was slowly figuring it out, now I have more. Now I have one personal one for more individualized notes (the original Moleskine that I bought) and I take it with me just about all of the the time. Then I bought a pocket Reporter to keep with my camera for notes on photos I take with my Holga camera. Then I bought another pocket Moleskine for keeping all of my work related notes, which I did all last term and will continue to do through this term. Just before Christmas I picked up a pocket Storyboard Moleskine, but I haven’t really used that yet. For Christmas I received a Weekly Diary, which I’ve started using already. I love my Moleskines.

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