Sunday, January 01, 2006

Crappy New Year

Sorry for the slightly snarky title, but the new year hasn't been off to a great start for me online. For some reason just about everything I've been trying to do online hasn't been working. I finished my first podcast with my son John and tried to upload it before the stroke of midnight, but it didn't work with Odeo or Ourmedia. Then Quicksilver stopped working and my productivity dropped a lot. Then I went to download a free sampler that my favourite online music retailer Bleep had for me, but that wouldn't work either. I couldn't even submit songs to that I'd been listening to with iScrobbler! It's almost like the y2k things that were supposed to happen, but didn't. Oh well, I suppose that people were out celebrating and are probably resting now. Maybe it's another message about spending less time online.
It makes me realize also that I rely a lot more on apps online for sharing and working with things. I'm going to write more about that on Bitdepth.

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