Monday, March 14, 2005

Bonne fête Vu d'ici!

One of my newer discoveries is Vu d'Ici which translates into English as "Seen From Here" and I like the perspective that she brings in both words and sounds and music (as well as with her art). Her blog is three years old, so it's time to say Bonne fête Vu d'ici!. One of the things that I miss about Montreal (which I haven't visited for far too long) is the great mix of art, culture, languages and food. I can get my Montreal fix vicariously through m-c as well as discovering all sorts of great music. She recently started doing some of her podcasts in French which provides a very welcome shift from the anglophone flood of podcasts. Happy Birthday and many, many more years of blogging, podcasting and whatever is next m-c!
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