Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tagging Tools

I use tags in most of the blogs that I post to and I very deliberately tag my entries on 43things,, and Flickr. When tagging is built-in it’s fairly easy to do but it’s a bit of a pain to tag things without having it as part of the regular workflow. I really hope that Blogger adds support for tags soon and with Blosxom I just have to figure out a better way to get the tags together. I probably wouldn’t be tagging as much as I am on my blogs without oddiophile’s technorati tag bookmarklet. But other things are a bit more challenging such as this entry which I’m making through 43things, but also posting to my bitdepth digest blog. The goal is tagged in the context of 43things, but it isn’t tagged on Blogger. It would be great if the 43things tags (along with a 43things tag) could be formatted as technorati tags in a similar way to the goals that are added in to the post.
What I do now when writing an entry on 43things that is cross-posted is create the entry on 43things, post it, then open it through Blogger or MarsEdit and then use the bookmarklet to create the tag and add it in. A bit more complicated than I want it to be, but then again, I don’t mind adding html tags manual at times, so I guess that it’s all relative.

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missbossy said...

Well it's working! I found your post through your 43things tag and really appreciate the tip on the bookmarklet. I'm a bit of a bookmarklet junkie and this should definitely make life easier.

Chris Campbell said...

I'm glad that I could help.
What I love about tagging is that it opens things up and joins all sorts of different sites and blogging / photographing / writing / tagging /sharing tools together. It really exploits and enhances the possibilities of the web again.

Missbossy said...

As we're talking tags... did you have any problem with Technorati picking up your tags or indexing your blog for their cosmos search? Nomatter what I do, tag-wise or settings, I'm not getting tracked. Tried manually pinging a million times with no luck. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious but the settings for my blog are public so...? Anyway if you've learned any other tricks I'm listening.

Missbossy said...

Ignore my last plea for enlightenment. I just seemed to have been subject to a random embargo by technorati which lasted about 2 days but has now ended!

Chris Campbell said...

I actually did have some problems with the tags showing up. But they show up now. I do manually ping when I update and it shows up now, but I'm not sure why it wasn't showing up before. If the tag is there, the blog is public and you manually ping it should show up. But maybe an email to the technorati folks would help, I'm sure that they want to make sure that everything is indexing in the way that it should