Sunday, March 20, 2005

AKMA on the Yahoo Flickr Deal

AKMA hits the nail squarely on the head and sums up a lot of things that I've been feeling as he talks about Growing Up. Things have changed a lot around blogging and the web over the last few years and it is a bit sad. I've been remembering all of the other cool things that I've been lucky enough to be around... remember MOOs and MUDs... remember e-mail when you had to know which system people were on... I still have my old black notebook with notes about sites and the numeric addresses of sites and all of the login info for those things. But what AKMA made me realize is that what makes all of this so amazing and wonderful and exciting is not the technology, but the people and the technology is just another way to connect with cool people. It's still happening and will continue to happen.
AKMA also made me remember a time when I was working on a documentary film in New York and we happened to be interviewing someone in the same building where Woody Allen was shooting a film. It was neat to see all of the equipment and people, but what I remember most is how the location manager (or maybe it was someone else) saw our tiny crew carrying all of the equipment in our hands and he said how he missed the days when he worked on films with small crews like that. The web and blogging is kind of like that now... we're growing up and it's changing a bit. It's not really bad or good, it's just different and things are changing.

(Via AKMA’s Random Thoughts.)

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