Saturday, January 15, 2005


I have a lot of videotapes. While I don't have a PVR, I'm not taping as much as I did. A few years ago I taped a lot of tv and I have many tapes without labels. I think that I have about 2 boxes filled with unlabeled tapes. So out of probably around 300 tapes (maybe more), about a quarter of them don't have labels. They are mostly in boxes, but I should get them organized and catalogued on shelves.
Many of the tv shows that I taped (such as Mr. Show) are out on DVD now and I own them, so they can be recycled. I haven't transferred anything over to a digital format yet, but I may some day. What is fascinating about looking at older videotapes are the ads that give you a bit of a sense of the zeitgeist of the time. Sometimes I look at tapes and think, "Why did I tape that?"

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