Sunday, August 23, 2009

Existential Lunar Drama (rated 4 stars)

by Duncan Jones

In Duncan Jone’s Moon we follow the journey of self-discovery of Sam Bell, the only inhabitant of the moon in the 70s sci-fi influenced story that is constructed around a great performance from Sam Rockwell. The film is deliberately paced and filled with references to many of the great, intellectual science fiction films that have preceded it. In the claustrophobic atmosphere, Jones creates a story about identity in an uneasy way that allows the audience to figure things out slightly ahead of the characters, but doesn’t hold back things too long.
The effects are a beautiful hybrid of model work and CGI that adds a level of authenticity in a very human way. Instead of distancing us with the effects, it somehow fits perfectly within the story in a subtle, but effective way.
It’s really an existential drama that is set on the moon that uses the conventions of science fiction to explore ideas about who we are and what it means to be human and to relate to other people.

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