Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Fascinating Look at Design Without Thinking

by Jane Fulton Suri

I heard about Thoughtless Acts when I read about one of the images in the book, which shows how you can wrap the string of a tea bag around the handle of a mug to stop it from falling in to the cup when water is poured in. I started doing that with tea bags and then bought the book. It’s a beautiful and small hardcover book that is made up of a series of photos without captions, but each image speaks volumes about the design of things and how people interact with the environment that they are within. At the end of the book you can read descriptions of the photos, but it’s not necessary. It’s great to browse through it or to randomly look at the images and think about how things work and how we adapt to our environment or how we change it to suit our own needs.

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