Friday, August 11, 2006

A Special Night

The big show of the first day of the Sappy Records Music Festival was the concert that ended with the reunion performance of Eric’s Trip. For those who don’t know the significance of the band a brief explanation is that they were the first Canadian band to be signed to the Sub Pop label as well as being the first band from Atlantic Canada to be signed (they came out of Moncton, NB). Aside from their own music and direct influence, having a local people rise to prominence energizes the whole scene and it spawned many bands. But the band broke up about 10 years ago and just before they broke up, Julie Doiron launched her own solo career. Eric’s Trip reunited in 2001, but the show on August 4 was the first time they’d played in long time.
The Vogue Theatre is a great venue and because it’s not designed for concerts (it’s a movie theatre) the stage and theatre are small. So everyone set up in front of everyone and there was a great, casual vibe with the aisles filled with the various bands waiting to play.
Some of the highlights for me were the performances by Snailhouse and Julie Doiron backed up by Shotgun & Jaybird . Julie Doiron’s set ended with my favourite recent song, “Snow Falls in November” in a great reworking that was so good, they decided to end the set there. There was a great, nervous energy in the theatre and on the stage as Eric’s Trip got ready to play and they rocked the joint. It was a great way to end the first day of Sappyfest and to see more live music.

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