Monday, April 03, 2006

My Favourite Coffee Shop in Halifax


I’m very much a creature of habit and just about every day I have a cup of coffee (and sometimes a muffin or cherry cheesecake swirl) around the corner from the office at The Mud Room. They have the best coffee (Fair Trade and Organic, of course), good food and great people there. When I don’t bring my lunch my fallback is the excellent Veggie Chili that they have or one of the soups or sandwiches.
One odd fact is that even though the building is on an adjacent block and up one street, it has the same address as the office. I thought that blocks were supposed to be consistent in cities…
The Mud Room is a small, but comfortable place crammed in the lobby area of an older building. When I come in I don’t even have to say what coffee I want in my mug (but I do, even though they know) as I always get the dark roast. Mmmm. Dark and strong and delicious.

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