Sunday, July 24, 2005

43 Things T-Shirt

I wore my 43 Things t-shirt today and when I was getting coffee I was asked, “what are the other 42 things that you’re doing”. It was kind of neat. While 43 Things is public, there is a level of anonymity that is connected with the sharing. I’m glad that I’m sharing the 43 Things vibe with the world outside of my keyboard and screen.

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Godsdragon said...

Good Idea! That way if we wear the shirt and tag somebody with one on as well, we can shout to the world: "OMG WE ARE DOING 43 THINGS!...LOL"

How much do you sell em for?
I am serious

Chris Campbell said...

There is a secret store on the 43 Things web site where you can buy a shirt. It's fairly easy to guess the URL...