Sunday, February 13, 2005

What's Next for Blogger?

I'm wondering what's coming up with Blogger. Things have been relatively quiet for a while, but there have been lots of amazing things happening in the Googleplex with great local stuff, maps, and the amazing Gmail, which I use many times a day now. Some neat Javascript stuff is part of Blogger now, but I'm sure that something bigger is waiting. I personally would love to have some tagging stuff added as it's a bit of a pain to manually put the tags in. I like the simplicity of Blogger and how it works, but what could be next? Some stuff with Google Groups? More templates? Community stuff? There are so many interesting and exciting things happening with Google, Technorati, Flickr,, and 43 Things that I hope that Blogger will do something neat and exciting soon.
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Andrew said...

Nice blog. I would say that, given that it's rather similar in some ways to one of my own, to which I recently posted a flickr thumbnail photo, a blogger wishlist,... The blog in question is at:
All the best for the rest of the winter!

Chris Campbell said...

Thanks Andrew!
The parallels are kind of neat.