Sunday, January 09, 2005

The True Story of Audion

Cabel Sasser tells The True Story of Audion, which was the application from Panic that brought the world of MP3 audio to me. Those were the days when people like me would put a CD in and then carefully name each of the tracks. Playing MP3 files was cool in Audion, but the faces were amazing. But with the introduction of iTunes, the audio playback arms race was coming to an end and Audion has been retired, but you can still get it and use it for free. I feel guilty that I didn't register version 3 and I have the free version now and I wish that I had registered. I have registered other Panic software such as Transmit though.
Reading the story reminded me that there are always people behind the applications that I use every day. Even though ftp is a simple thing and there are many options for uploading files, I actually enjoy using Transmit to update stuff.
Panic was founded by Cabel Sasser and Steven Frank and they make software that I love and I look forward to the new stuff that Panic will continue to make.

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