Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tagging and Blogging

It's quite easy to blog now. There are lots of tools to use and most work together quite well. With the rise of the tag (in the past few months and in blogs in the last few weeks) the tools are catching up. Right now I'm using the Technorati Bookmarklet from Oddiophile to tag blog entries. But this entry is being written as an entry in my list of 43 Things, which has tags which don't move over with the blog entry (hmmm... maybe that should be an option when posting). I'd use all of the same tags, but I'd add 43things as another one. It would be good if there was a tag line along with a title line in blogging tools. But the context matters and I'm thinking that there may also be a need for implicit or contextual tags. So all of the entries that I post from 43 Things would have a 43things tag that would show up on the blog, but not on 43 Things. It makes sense to me. Now I'll post this via 43 Things, but open it up, generate tag code from the bookmarklet and then paste that in so it just shows up on the blog (because the tags are there for 43 Things already).

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