Saturday, April 16, 2005

How I Buy Things Now

I hadn't realized how completely my purchasing decisions are now influenced by the connectivity that we have with the web, blogs and RSS feeds. I ordered a new cordless phone because Mark Frauenfelder blogged about Buying his new favorite cordless phone. I looked it up and found out that I could get it from my phone company and it arrived on Friday (but due to nobody being home, it's at the post office waiting to be picked up). So the purchasing decision that I made was based on the recommendation of one person. It's interesting to me because I didn't really think about it a lot. I read about it, it made sense and I ordered it. It shows the difference that trust can make when it comes to buying stuff.
A few weeks ago we had some flooding in the basement and I needed to get a sump pump to clear out the water and stop the flooding. I realized this at 6 in the morning, so no stores were open. When I took a break from vacuuming out water (which is not fun at all) I was able to find out that the local Canadian Tire had sump pumps in stock and they opened at 8am. So I was there when they opened, got it and pumped out the basement.
I only purchased the phone from the phone company because it was easy to do. I read about it, did a little more research and followed the path of least resistance. The key to success online seems to be in enabling and easing connections. I love how much easier things seem to be now.
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