Saturday, December 08, 2007

Revising Bitdepth

When you have a lot of different blogs it becomes easy to get a bit lost with them. I've got blogs with a lot of different systems (this blog is on Blogger) and each one has different features and work in slightly different ways. One thing that makes it a bit easier is that I use MarsEdit to edit my posts, so I can use one tool to write posts for this blog, my Vox blog, and my main bitdepth blog. For the last while in this spot I've been cross-posting reviews from All Consuming as it's a way that I can consolidate the shorter reviews that I try to regularly write. That will probably continue.
But the big news and change for me is that over on I've switched from Blosxom to WordPress and I'm trying to write more there. The reviews will keep on coming and I hope that you enjoy them.

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