Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beautiful Dream World

by Michel Gondry

I went in to The Science of Sleep with a bit of nervousness based on the trailer and all of the other work that I’d seen from Michel Gondry. There seemed to be a lot of imagery and situations repeated from his music videos and it seemed a bit light. Once the film started I was pleasantly surprised that it was a very different film from the one that I had constructed from the trailer and I was completely drawn into the world that was created.
Gondry’s two previous dramatic features were written by Charlie Kaufman and I was very curious to see what Gondry would do on his own both writing and directing The Science of Sleep. Gondry has a much looser structure and it gradually erases the lines between dreams and reality.
The performances of Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg are wonderful to watch as they play complex and sometimes frustrating characters. There are magical moments between them and I relaxed into the film like sliding into a warm bath. When the film was over it was a bit strange walking out into the world and it almost seemed as if I had not completely left the film. It took me a while to become grounded again which is one of the signs of a great film as it changes the way that you see the world. That’s why I love seeing films.

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