Sunday, July 16, 2006

Journey Through Disturbing Places

by Set Fire to Flames

Months ago I was listening to, which provides music based on what you’ve listend to before. One of the semi-random tracks that came up was “Steal Compass / Drive North / Disappear” from the band set fire to flames. The track was haunting and beautiful and when I read the title, I knew that I’d have to check this band out. I found the site with information about the band at “alien8 recordings””: which had an enigmatic description of the group, which is more of an experiment in improvisational music. After some research I found that I couldn’t purchase tracks online, but I had to order the CD, which I did. I’m so glad that I have the CD, since it is beautifully crafted with a booklet that matches the haunting, enigmatic and sometimes disturbing sounds. It’s more geared to headphones and attentive listening and it has an almost cinematic feeling to it with a melancholy tone. You have to listen to get a better idea, but it’s a sound that I love.

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