Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Poetic Meditation on Love

by Kar Wai Wong

Wong Kar Wai makes visually stunning and poetic films. 2046 is a sequel of sorts (WKW calls it an “echo”) to In the Mood for Love that explores similar territory from slightly different perspectives. It’s all about love and loss and there is a melancholy tone and sad beauty to everything that happens. While it may seem to be a bit of a science fiction film, the sf elements are a story that the protagonist is writing which is his way of dealing with his past. There is a repetion of themes, images and actions that build as the film progresses and viewing In the Mood for Love and Days of Being Wild can add a bit more meaning to the film. While the plot is relatively simple, the film is built around moments and decisions made by the characters as they search for love and meaning in the world of Hong Kong in the 1960s. I enjoyed being within this world again, but it may not be for everyone.

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